Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Son of Rev. Rockey on French Front (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Saturday, June 30, 1917

The following information came to this office from the recruiting publicity bureau of the United States marine corps, and concerns the Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Rockey, formerly of this city:

"One of the especially selected men who are to be first to fight for the Stars and Stripes on the firing line of France is Lieutenant Keller Emrick Rockey of Columbia City. He has gone with a detachment of United States marines who are to form a part of the first American overseas division.

"Lieut. Rockey was born September 27, 1888, at Columbia City. He accepted appointment as a second lieutenant in the marine corps, November 18, 1913, and was assigned to duty at the marine barracks, Norfolk, Va. After a short tour of shore duty in the United States he was sent to sea, being again ordered to the marine barracks, Norfolk, Va., in October 1916, where he served until December, 1916, when he was again sent to sea. He was promoted first lieutenant, August 29, 1916.

"The 'soldiers of the sea' are the oldest branch of our military service, and they have a splendid history. Their activities date back to 1775, and since that time they have been first to fight for America in many countries. Lieut. Rockey was selected for overseas service, in view of his excellent record."

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