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Elmer Pence Writes for Bull Durham (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, September 5, 1917

Elmer E. Pence, brother of Vern Pence, manager of the Simplex Gas Lighting Company of this city, is now at Sunningdale, England, recovering from injuries sustained in France when the ambulance he was driving was blown to pieces, leaving nothing "but its reputation," as Mr. Pence words it in his good letter which follows. It was received here by Vern Pence Saturday:

Dear Brother:

I will write you a few lines to help pass the time away, as I am not doing anything these days but resting. As the saying here is, I finally got a "Blightey." That is what the boys call it when they get wounded bad enough to get sent back to England. I was shell-shocked by a big one; was driving an ambulance at the time. There was nothing left of the Cadillac but it's reputation. I am all together but badly stiffened up. As near as I can describe it, it felt just the same as if my legs were asleep in the hips and knees, not a bit of life or feeling.

I will get over it alright but it takes considerable time, and I am very happy that I am not shoveling up daisies back in France with a lot of the bunch. Oh well, it is all in the life - some life too. I surely have been born to be hung or else my time has not come yet. I am sure to get alright and if I stay here there is no danger, but if I get well I will have to go back. Now for the important part of this letter. Bull Durham costs 30 cents for a 5 cent package and is hard to get at that. I wish you would send us some by mail registered. Be sure and mark it "socks" plainly so the darned post office clerks won't steal it.

P.S. Bull Durham, small packages, and repeat the order.

Mr. Pence's address is:
Elmer E. Pence
513,981 C. F. C. Co. A.
Attached to Staff,
Smith's Lawn,
Sunningdale, England.

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