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Keiser Reunion - Largest They Have Ever Held (1922)

The Evening Post ~ Wednesday, August 23, 1922

Nearly three hundred attended the Keiser family reunion Sunday at the Daniel Eberhard home a mile north of Peabody.

The annual reunion of the Keiser families was held Sunday at the hospital [sic] country home of Daniel Eberhard, a mile north of Peabody, and it was the largest and best reunion this family has ever had.

Tables were spread in the orchard west of the house and there was ample room for the parking of automobiles. At the noon hour, when all the guests were seated at the table, actual count showed that there were 282 persons present. The tables fairly swayed under the load of fried chicken, cakes and good things to eat. More relatives came later, so the number must have come very close to three hundred.

Members of the family were there from far and wide, some of them having driven a hundred and forty miles to be present at the reunion. There were two long tables placed under big tarpaulins so that all were in the shade while eating dinner.

During the afternoon, ice cream and lemonade were served and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Yontz presented the crowd with ten pounds of chocolates. Men and women engaged in horseshoe throwing contests, and several courts were fixed up so that several teams could be playing at one time. A program was carried out after the crowd was called to order, by the president, Levi J. Keiser, in which there were recitations and singing, and talks were made by Mrs. Bessie Keiser, Hon. N. F. Watson and O. B. Creager, and Levi Keiser talked interestingly of his trip through the west and to Alaska.

The officers were re-elected, Levi Keiser being president; Ephraim Schrader, secretary, and William Hartman, treasurer. It was decided that the next reunion will be held at the home of Frank Cusick, a mile north of this city on Line street.

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