Monday, January 14, 2008

More Women Volunteers (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, July 11, 1917

A special appeal from the National headquarters has been received by the local chapter of the Red Cross to speed up the work room on the following needed articles: 350,000 bathrobes, 3000,000 shoulder wraps, 100,000 pairs bed socks, 800,000 pairs socks, 700,000 handkerchiefs, 250,000 pairs ward slippers, 650,000 hospital bed shirts, 450,000 suits pajamas.

The women of our community are urged to spend at least one afternoon a week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) at the sewing room that a shipment of the above articles may be made at the earliest date possible.

With American troops no on French soil and many more to go before winter, it seems the least Columbia City women can do for the soldiers is to fill up the work room at the west ward school building and prove their loyalty and patriotism by deeds.

The chairman of the supplies Committee is already giving three afternoons a week to this work but if there are enough willing workers to demand it she will arrange to have the work room open every afternoon.

This means you. Come and help.

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