Friday, January 25, 2008

Better Carry That Registration Card (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, August 15, 1917

Lee Daniel of this city was the first person from here, so far as known, who has been inconvenienced because of the fact that he did not have his registration card with him. Mr. Daniels went to Chicago Tuesday with a carload of cattle. While in the Exchange building at the stockyards he was approached by a U. S. Secret Service man who demanded that he show his registration card. Mr. Daniel had changed clothes before going to Chicago, and had left it at home. He was able, however, to get several men at the stockyards, where he is well known, to vouch for him and so avoided being arrested.

He telephoned to his brother, Harry, who notified the local registration board and Dr. D. S. Linvill and Sheriff James Bodley sent a telegram to Chicago stating that Lee had registered. Harry also mailed him his card and he will have no more trouble. Mr. Daniel said that a number of western stockmen were in town and that government officers who were there arrested a number of them who did not have their cards. The fact that Lee was well known by Chicago men at the yards and that they could vouch for him prevented his arrest.

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