Friday, January 11, 2008

Carl Lippencott May Go To France (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Saturday, June 23, 1917

Carl Lippincott [sic], who for the past three years has been stationed in the Phillippine [sic] Islands as a soldier, has been ordered to leave the islands and it is the belief of his parents that he will soon be or is now on his way to France. The young man is a corporal and is getting $50 per month and is chief of a gun section. All the U. S. soldiers on the island would rather go to France than stay where they are as everything is peaceful and quiet there and the boys want something exciting. He ends his letter by stating that he is not afraid to die for his country and parents. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lippencott south of this city.

To quote his own words: " How is the dear old home and the things dear to me? Just to get back home once more would be worth five years of life. Sounds like teardrops but it does me good just to say it - the only way I can express my love for you. But I must get the spirit of the soldier and do the best I can. Father, I will do the best I can to serve my country as you did in '61-'65. My parents will never have to be ashamed of their soldier boy. Your loving memories will help me to be strong and do my duty. Should the worst come, I would not hesitate to give my life for my country and my parents. Mother, don't think this is written to make you sad, but to express my love for you. There is something greater in life - doing things to make others free."

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