Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fireman Injured (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, January 31, 1917

A. J. Hake, a fireman on the Pennsylvania, was injured while loading some coal at the coal docks west of this city Friday night. The shaker bar that is used to shake down the ashes broke and hit him in the face and the right upper jaw bone was fractured. Dr. D. S. Linvill the railroad physician was called but as he was out of town Dr. Ben P. Linvill was called in his place. The fracture was reduced by Dr. Linvill at the C. U. tower. Mr. Hake continued his run with the assistance of two of the brakemen.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Clippings from the Churubusco Truth (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, September 26, 1917

  • Geo. McAlexander, of Champaign, arrived last week for a few days visit in the home of John Claxton.
  • Hon. Geo. W. Kichler is the proud owner of a new Saxon 6-cylinder runabout, the car arrived Saturday.
  • Alf Johnson of the Exchange Bank is taking a week's vacation and will not be on the job before Monday.
  • Phil Downey, of the Truth, left for Notre Dame Tuesday, to complete his senior year in that university.
  • Mrs. S. F. Ort, Miss Ursula Magers, Oscar Isay and Robert Ort formed an auto party to Kentucky last week.
  • Gustave Brumbaugh will hold a public sale of household goods Saturday. His wife will return to Kansas for the winter.
  • Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Weaver, son Joe, and Miss Hilda motored to Ligonier and spent the day with relatives last Sunday.
  • Frank Fogel has purchased a handsome new 6-cylinder Saxon auto.
  • The Churubusco schools are working now under township authority.
  • Mrs. L. D. Crabill was the guest of Chicago friends part of last week.
  • Mrs. W. F. Spangler is spending the week with relatives at Columbus, O.
  • S. F. Ort spent the fore part of the week at Cleveland buying goods for Ort Bros.
  • Julius Isay left the latter part of last week for Bloomington to enter Indiana University.