Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alien Resident Makes Statement (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, June 13, 1917

Adam Francis Steurer who registered in the west precinct of Columbia township, as an alien enemy thinks that an explanation of his action is due, and he also has come to the conclusion that he ought not to be so classed. He can remember very little of his childhood, his mother having died when he was but a youngster. He has a number of brothers and sisters. His father left the children many years ago and they have been living as orphans ever since. The young man thinks it probable that his father had taken out at least his first naturalization papers, and if such is the case the son would be classed as a naturalized citizen.

It was because nothing definite could be established that he was registered as an enemy. He has made the statement to Father Kohl of the Catholic church of this city that he would be willing to take the oath of allegiance to the U. S. - even fight for her if necessary. He has voted several times and wishes to place himself in the correct light before his neighbors and friends. He has, as far as possible, put the matter straight to the registration board of the county and they do not regard him as an "enemy" any longer.

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