Thursday, January 17, 2008

James Washburn Again on U. S. Soil (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, July 25, 1917

John Washburn is in receipt of a letter from his son, James, saying he is at present in quarantine, off Governor Island, New York, waiting to be passed upon before landing. Young Washburn accompanied Pershing's expedition to France, but was later discharged because he was under age. He was sent to the U. S. at the first opportunity and is at the present time in sight of his native land. He is expected to arrive here this week. He was thirteen days crossing the big pond on his way home. The fact that their son has returned home safely is the occasion for great rejoicing in the home of his parents, feeling as they do that "Jimmie" is so young that he should not be compelled to endure the hardships of battle for a few years yet at any rate.

He has had a wonderful experience and his friends here will all take great pleasure in hearing about it. He is only 16 years of age and the government is doing the right thing in sending the young boys back home. The boys, however, deserve all credit for the courage displayed and for their patriotism.

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