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Troyites Have a Big Fish Fry (1905)

Columbia City Commercial Mail ~ Friday June 16, 1905

June 6, 1905 on the shady banks of Goose lake in Troy township was the occasion of a grand social and big fish fry participated in by the kind neighbors and friends in the vicinity of Lorane to the number of sixty-five, met on this occasion for a good time and a big dinner. Your reporter accepted and invitation to be present and will vouch for the truth that we surely had both. The gentlemen put in their time fishing while the ladies visited until the noon hour, when they announced that dinner was ready and my, what a dinner! The table fairly groaned with good things, just such as the ladies of Troy have the ability to prepare on short notice. After all had partaken bounteously there was more than seven baskets full left for supper.

To our great disappointment there suddenly came up one of our daily downpours of rain. The lady quartette first had time to sing “God be with us” and the crowd dispersed hoping that on the next occasion of the kind the elements might be more favorable.

Those present on this memorable occasion were, Messrs and Mesdames Fletcher Goodrich, Scott Sattison, Harvey Watters, David Egner, George Sattison, John Elliott, Harrison McCloud, Wm. Wynkoop, James Case, Ray Coyle, Dock Huff, Chas. Sattison, Mrs. Elmer Armold, Mrs. John Searbaugh, Mr. Adam Keiser, Grandma Wynkoop, Willie Terman, Frank Wynkoop, Emma Pontzius, Chloe Wyncoop, Mable Eisaman, Leona Keiser, Gladys Sattison, Jessie Watters, Floyd Goodrich, Jessie Eisaman, Hazel Wynkoop, Ruth Watters, John Snyder, Frances Goodrich, Elba Bartner, Maris Sattison, Thora Case, Edna Watters, Ralph Egner, Clela Huff, Austin Coyle, Verda Huff, Mildred Coyle, Ed Egner, Bernice Keisler, Helen Huff, Ernest Coyle, Harvy Searbaugh, Grace Coyle, Amos Snyder, Mrs. J. Eisaman, Mrs. Marion Coyle, Mrs. Nellie Burnsworth, baby Marion Burnsworth, Jerry Eisaman, Walker Elliott.


  • Talk about feeding a multitude with five loaves and two fishes Jim Case and Will Wynkoop ate more than that, either of them.
  • The singing by the lady quartette was superb, when they mounted the stump and began to sing the birds all left the grove.
  • It was miss Leona Keiser’s eighteenth birthday anniversary and she showed plainly she was her own boss. The other girls could not catch her. Still Chloe Wynkoop runs quite well for a heavy weight.
  • Dock Huff claims to have caught the biggest fish. I suppose if it had been larger it would have weighed more.
  • Gentle reader just think what it must have been to be there.

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  1. What a joy it was to read this! Harvey Watters was my great great grandfather, Dock Huff was my great grandfather, and Verda Huff was my grandmother. She would have been about 3 or 4 years old then.
    Thank you for posting this!


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