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Civil War Veterans Reunion (1902)

Columbia City Commercial ~ Wednesday, October 15, 1902

On Wed. Oct. 15, 1902 the Veterans of the 88th Ind Vol and 5th Ind Battery celebrated their annual reunion at Rhodes Hall in Columbia City. This was the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Perryville KY.

The following is a list of members present from the 5th Battery:
D H Chandler, Knoxville, TN; John Fullerton; P V Gruesbeck; Dany Myers, Adam Malone, Columbia City; John E Kates, Goblesville; Samuel Cullers, Auburn; Jacob Geiger, Collins; A N King, Samuel Watters, Larwill; Daniel Miller, Conrad Bricker, Fort Wayne; Nicholas Brew, Harrison Kramer, Robert Bolton, Swan; Henry Grim, Arl; Fredrick Wampner, Huntington; George Aker, Coesse.
The following members of the 88th were present:
  • Field & Staff - Col. C E Bryant, Huntington; Ajdt. Allen H Dougal, Fort Wayne
  • Company A - Thomas Tomlinson, Walkerton; Isaac Likens, Auburn; William Koontz, Butler; David Goodrich, Hudson; Charles Bowman, Fort Wayne.
  • Company B - Jeptha Harter, Gasperville; Harvey Basel, Indianapolis; Henry C Winebrenner, Battle Creek, MI; Samuel Forker, James Winebrenner, Albion; Gideon Comcer, Cromwell; J F Benfer, H H Young, Wolf Lake; Arthur Eagle, Kokomo.
  • Company C - B F Jones, Joseph Kickley, Fort Wayne; James B Waugh, Arcola; Oliver C Gradeless, Coesse; W G Barnes; Churubusco; N C Griswold, Auburn; Capt W C Hollopeter, Auburn.
  • Company D - Capt. Scott Swan, M M Thompson, Fort Wayne; Sofare Snyder, George Brown, Harlan; Joseph Stafford, William Johnson, Amos Hilkey, Aubur; B F Miller, Monroeville.
  • Company E - Harvey Ross, Huntertown; Martine Hollopeter, Enos Reed, Churubusco; Samuel Karringer, Fort Wayne; J Kniss.
  • Company F - Lt. J King, William Boone, George W Stites, James S Syler, William F Kramer, Fort Wayne; George W Waft, Grabill; Jos E Devin, Thomas Gray, Wolf Lake.
  • Company G - Capt. J N Preston, J M Mckibben LaGrange.
  • Company H - Lt. Jos Ranier, Auburn; John W Erdhart, William Desman, A G Jones, D T McNabb, Lewis Imhoff, Daniel Diehl, J G Hamilton, Butler.
  • Company I - Jonathan Lemmert, Teegarten; A S Prescott, Goshen.
  • Company K - D J Bowman, South Bend; Anders Burwell, Altona KS; Robert Frost, Simon Harshbarger, Robert Hanna, Coesse; John Rovenstien, Atwood; W H Pence, Merriam; Uriah Clark, G W Prugh, Larwill; A G Brossman, Hecla; Homer H Altey, Arthur Hathaway, Jesse Grimes, South Whitley; A Y Swigart, Henry Souder, O W Tuttle, David Engle, G W North, Abraham Parrot, Daniel Pressleer, Dr. W H Coyle, Columbia City.

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