Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Remarkable Record of Rev. L. A. Luckenbill (1920)

Columbia City Post ~ January 3, 1920

Remarkable Record Made By Rev. L. A. Luckenbill Of This City During Past Twenty-One Years.

The Rev. L. A. Luckenbill of this city, who is at present the pastor of Oak Grove and Evergreen Churches of God, and who has been engaged in the ministry in this county for the past twenty-one years, has made a record outside his work as a pastor which few ministers have ever equaled. During that period he has officiated at 861 marriages and has conducted 866 funerals. That is an average of 41 marriages per year, and a fraction over 41 funerals. From October 1, 1918 to October 1, 1919, he officiated at 29 marriages and conducted 53 funerals. The increase in the number of funerals was due to the influenza, and the falling off in the number of marriages for that period, was due to the war, so many of the young men being in the service.

Rev. Luckenbill is very popular with all classes, and is in demand as a public speaker at social and other gatherings. He is at home in pronouncing the marital bonds, and to the house of mourning he brings consolation and comfort. He knows many people, old and young, and is friendly and cordial to all. His long residence here has enabled him to extend and acquaintance to all parts of the county, and that has created a demand for his services not only at weddings and funerals, but a Sunday School picnics, family reunions, and other gatherings.

The Reverend has probably not attempted to keep track of the couples he has married, but it would be interesting to know how many of them held good until the phrase, “death do us part” severed the union. However the sticking qualities are not imparted by the officiating clergyman, or other officer. That depends on the parties to the contract. But there is one thing sure, and that is it is the wish of Rev. Luckenbill that those who make their vows to him may keep them.

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