Saturday, August 25, 2007

Horse Scared at Auto (1906)

Columbia City Post ~ May 9, 1906

Sunday afternoon while George Parkinson and his son, Frank and wife, were on their way north to their farm, their horse which was hitched to a one-horse wagon, took fright at an automobile near the Ben Yontz farm and ran away.

The machine passed by them going north, frightening the horse considerable as it passed, and when it came back the horse turned squarely around in the road, upsetting the wagon, throwing the occupants to the ground and smashing things up in general. The horse ran clear back to town and its legs were badly bruised and skinned.

Mrs. Frank Parkinson’s arm was badly bruised while George sprained his ankle and was hurt in the side. Who the owner of the machine is not known. It is claimed that he did not slow the machine down either time but rushed on by.

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