Thursday, August 2, 2007

Marriage Licences Issued in November 1869

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday December 1, 1869

Marriage Licences were issued to the following named parties during the month of November, 1869, by J. B. Edwards, Clerk:
  • Charles H. Mosher and Mary E. Robins
  • H. Beuchap and Catherine Champyon
  • William Fox and Mary J. Kinsey
  • William Wamper and Louisa Loe
  • Louis Larvine and Minnie Villit
  • Jacob Kinsey and Mariah C. Weller
  • George W. Grabill and Sarrah Laman
  • George C. Pinney and Hannah Waters
  • W. H. Rovenstine and Martha Olinger
  • James McLaughlin and Mary C. Hinen
  • W. Snodgrass and Francis M. Trumbull
  • Theodore Ackers and Sarah E. Hessner
  • John Maranda and Mary F. Salts
  • Frederick Leching and Doris Brauer
  • John Polson and Mary J. Bump

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