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Birthday Party for Mr. Snyder (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Saturday, July 7, 1917

A jolly crowd gathered at the home of John L. Snyder, of Columbia township, to celebrate the 67th birthday of Mr. Snyder's brother, Henry, formerly of this county, now of Canton, Ohio. Mr. Henry Snyder with his family and the family of his son-in-law, George Moomaw, motored to the farm of his brother for the 4th, and the birthday dinner and celebration were in his honor.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. George Moomaw and children, Gladys and Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burkholder, Mrs. Wm. Meineke, Mrs. Henry Cornelius, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson, Miss Emma Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Burns and children, Mrs. George Eberhard, Mrs. Chas Brenneman, of Ft. Myers, Fla., Firmer Burkholder, Miss Nellie Burkholder, Lillie Glen and George Burns, Miss Zelda Line, of Fort Wayne, and Mr. and Mrs. John L. Snyder.

The afternoon was spent in having a good old fashioned social time. A purse was made up amongst the crowd for a birthday present for Mr. Snyder. Mr. Snyder was highly pleased to meet his old friends and neighbors and relatives in this county many of whom he has not seen since going away nine years ago. The crowd made merry all afternoon and left wishing Mr. Snyder many more such happy birthdays.

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