Thursday, January 22, 2009

Swigarts Celebrated Golden Wedding (1917)

Columbia City Post, Wednesday September 5, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. John Swigart, of Troy township, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, Sunday at Troy Cedar Lake. There were about a hundred and fifty friends, relatives and neighbors present. John Swigart and Sarah Burwell were married February 14, 1867, at Beech Chapel by Rev. Wells. Eight children were born to this union, four of whom survive; they are Mrs. Cora Yoder, of Ligonier, Mrs. William Ramsey of Thorncreek township, Mrs. Minnie Clark of Troy township, and J. L. Swigart of Joplin, Missouri. There are eleven grand children and 5 great grand children, and all were present except two grandsons, Oral Raymond Swigart, who is at Annapolis and Glen Swigart, of Detroit, Michigan. The only relatives from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Swigart of Joplin, Missouri.

A sumptuous picnic dinner was served at the noon hour, and the afternoon was spent in a social way, with music by a victrola, and bathing and boating.

Mr. and Mrs. Swigart received a number of presents from their friends, among them was a very large boquet [sic] of flowers from Mrs. Mary Sherwood, who was unable to be present, and also a big wedding cake, decorated very prettily with the year of their wedding on the top in colors, from Mrs. Charles Jaggar. They also received $15 in gold. After a most enjoyable day, the guests departed for their homes and wished Mr. and Mrs. Swigart many happy returns of their anniversary.

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