Sunday, January 18, 2009

Attended Big Chicago Sale (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Saturday, June 9, 1917

James Galvin, of this city, and John Hammer, of Union township, attended the Maxwalton Shorthorn cattle sale at the stockyards in Chicago, June 7th. The sale was conducted by Carpenter 7 Ross, of Mansfield, Ohio, and amounted to $140,000. One hundred head of find bred registered Shorthorn cattle sold at this sale. The cattle averaged $1,400 per head and one of the fine bred cows was purchased by John Hammer who remained in Chicago over Friday.

Earl Marshal, bull, bred by Alexander Combrie, of New Machar, Scotland, sold for $1,550; Imperial Caledonai, bull, bred by William Anderson, Oldmeldrum, Scotland, sold at $7,000; Imperial Lorne, bull, bred in Scotland, sold for $2,500; Imperial Monteith Silver Star, bull, bred at Kippen Station, sold at $2,700; Proud Baronet, bred in Scotland, sold at $3,250; Imperial Mistress Edith, cow, bred by Mrs. C. W. Tindall, Lincs, England, sold to John Hammer, of Union township, at $1,350.

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