Saturday, November 3, 2007

Township Trustees (1859)

Columbia City News ~ Thursday April 14, 1859

At the recent election for Township officers, the following gentlemen were selected Trustees.

  • Cleveland Tp., John Sickafoose.
  • Richland, Robert A. Jellison.
  • Troy, Robert J. Elliott.
  • Washington, William E. Merriman.
  • Columbia, John North, Sen.
  • Thorncreek, Timothy Brown.
  • Jefferson, David A. Quick.
  • Union, Isaac N. Briggs.
  • Smith, Jacob Nickey.

The following Justices of the Peace have been elected.

  • Cleveland Tp., Henry Funk.
  • Thorncreek, Solomon Summers.
  • Thorncreek, William Roly.
  • Jefferson, Chancey Hadley.

John Edginton was elected Constable for Columbia Tp., on the first Monday, and has qualified. From what we know of Mr. Edgington, he will make a good officer. Our old friend Nathan Head retires, - he made an excellent officer.

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