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Civil War Veterans Luncheon (1926)

Civil War Vets Guests of Local Rotarians

Columbia City Post – Wednesday June 2, 1926

The Columbia City Rotary Club entertained thirty veterans of the civil war as their guests at their luncheon Monday noon, which was Memorial Day and a fitting program was carried out. The meeting was one of the finest ever held by the local club and the veterans who were guests likewise enjoyed the occasion very thoroughly. They stated that it was the second time that the G. A. R. of this county had been entertained at such a function, the first time being a similar dinner given by the Rotary Club several years ago.

Dr. D. S. Linvill, president of the club, appointed Milton Lorber as special chairman of the committee on arrangements and not the slightest detail was overlooked. Cars were provided by the Rotarians to ride in the Memorial Day parade and to convey the veterans to and from their respective homes over the county. The invitation was general to the soldiers, with the request that any who had not received a special invitation were to notify Mr. Lorger and he would see that a car conveyed that veteran from his home to the dinner and back home again. Out of the list of 37 names in the county, thirty were present at the dinner.

The American Legion Quartette composed of Shelley B. Stemen, Howard Cargyle, Clarence Feist and Dr. Paul Wilcox lead the singing of a number of popular pieces and the dinner was served by the M. E. ladies. Chicken, noodles, mashed potatoes, and all the good things that go with them were served and immensely enjoyed. Good fellowship prevailed and the soldiers had no room for doubt of the genuineness of the hospitality.

Talks were made by Dr. Ben Pence, head of the American Legion, Dr. Edmund C. Lindsay, who was a chaplain overseas, and by Veterans Caleb Anderson, W. E. Heagy, W. H. Worden, S. T. Chapman, T. R. Davis, W. S. Smith, I. N. Keller, Wes Allen and others. The principal address was given by Rotarian B. J. Bloom.

Many of the veterans were exceedingly strong and well, while some were feeble and had to be assisted up and down the stairs. Three were totally blind and had to be led.

The veterans who were present were:
  • Jasper N. Noble, aged 81 years, Co. G., 38th Indiana, address Kimmell, R. 1.
  • Andrew Malone, aged 81, 5th Ind. Battery, Light Artillery, Columbia City.
  • Warren W. Martin, aged 80, Co. K, 139th Indiana; also Co. G, 142nd Ind., Columbia City.
  • Henry H. Worden, aged 79, Co. K, 139th Indiana; also Co. G. 142nd Volunteer Infantry, Coesse.
  • O. C. Grayless, 82, Co. C. 88th Indiana Infantry, Columbia City.
  • Jules Romey, 80, Co. H, 74th Ohio Infantry, Columbia City.
  • Jacob Garber, 80, Company G, 118th Indiana Infantry, Columbia City.
  • Jonathan Williams, 81, Co. G, 34th Indiana, Columbia City.
  • J. B. Grimes, 88, Company K, 88th Indiana, South Whitley.
  • W. S. Smith, 77, Company D, 129th Indiana, Larwill.
  • John T. Heffelfinger, 83, Company K, 139th Indiana, Churubusco.
  • Sanford T. Chapman, 82, Company E, 17th Indiana, South Whitley.
  • I. N. Keller, 82, Company H, 129th Indiana, Columbia City.
  • Wesley W. Allen, 81, Company B, 74th Indiana, Columbia City.
  • Milton Bayman, 82, Co. I, 156th Indiana, South Whitley.
  • W. E. Heagy, 78, Company H, 35th Indiana, South Whitley.
  • W. M. Yerger, 78, Co. F. 184th Ohio, South Whitley.
  • Alfred Carper, 85, Co. A, 13th Indiana, South Whitley.
  • N. W. Beavers, 79, Co. A, 30th Indiana, Churubusco.
  • Alfred Hilbert, 81, Co. D, 9th Ohio.
  • Fred Kepford, 87, Co. D. 142nd Indiana, South Whitley.
  • J. W. Smith, 79, Co. C. 44th Indiana, Churubusco.
  • Jerry Eisaman, 82, Co. I. 11th Pennsylvania, Columbia City.
  • Caleb Anderson, 83, Co. I. 163rd Ohio, Larwill.
  • Harry Watters, 80, Co. B, 44th Indiana, Columbia City.
  • Levi Garrison, 80, Co. K, 139th Indiana, 1235 Masterson Ave., Ft. Wayne.
  • Edward Geiger, 79, Co. K, 124th Indiana, Churubusco.
  • Thomas R. Davis, 82, Co. F, 88th Indiana, Kimmell, R. 1.
  • Timothy Robbins, 85, Co. E, 12th Indiana; also Lieutenant in Company C. 4th Indiana Cavalry, Columbia City.
  • Samuel Secrist, 152nd Indiana Infantry, Columbia City.
Dr. I. E. Lawrence, of this city, who is one of the best known veterans of the civil war in the county, was unable to be present on account of illness, and John Fullerton, of the south side, was also unable to be present, so dinners were sent to them. The average age of those who attended the dinner was slightly more than eighty-one years.

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