Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jay Wearstler Likes Soldier Life (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Saturday, May 12, 1917

The Post is in receipt of a letter from Jay Wearstler, who is a nephew of Henry Tantlinger, of the south side, in which he tells of his experiences since joining the regular army. He also enclosed a picture post card of himself. His face looks as natural as ever, but no one would recognize the straight, soldierly looking young man, who appears armed to the teeth, in full uniform, standing in front of a big flag and with a big rifle standing at his side, as the young man who left here a few weeks ago. He also thinks that the training has been good for him.

Among other things he says, "I would advise all young fellows to join the army, more so the young fellows without a home. I am with the infantry, or what most people call, dough boys. Men from all over the U. S. are joining and they come in some times from one hundred to two hundred at a time. Most of us would like to go over into Mexico and kill all the Mexicans over there. I am sending you one of my pictures, in uniform. It is not a very good one but it is the best the man could do."

Jay used to pass papers for The Post and we are glad to know that he is getting along so well. He is a member of Company K., 16th Infantry, Camp Baker, El Paso, Texas.

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