Thursday, November 1, 2007

Did You Eat This Much Bread, Pie, or Cake? (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, January 3, 1917

Mrs. William Ramsey, of Thorncreek township, kept accurate record of the bread, pie and cake eaten at her home during the past year, and the figures are very interesting. The family consists of seven members, several of whom are children or "little folks." They consumed 797 loaves of bread; 488 pies and 22 cakes, besides cookies and fried cakes. Mrs. Ramsey says that she feels that plenty of good wholesome food is much better than sickness and paying doctor bills. Some of the bread and pies were eaten by visitors at the Ramsey home, but even so, the record is one which it is doubtful if any other family in the county can equal.

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