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Troy Pupils and Teachers Reunion (1924)

The Evening Post, Columbia city, Indiana ~ Monday, August 11, 1924

The home gathering of pupils and teachers of Dist. No. 7, of Troy township, occurred Sunday and more than a hundred people were present at this assembly which is to be recorded as the first annual meeting of those who formerly lived in the old Belch and Snodgrass neighborhood of Troy township. There is a grove near the school, which has been abandoned for a number of years, and this grove proved a convenient spot for the home gathering, as it was called.

Mrs. Monroe Trumbull, who taught in the school fifty years ago, was present and she gave a little talk, as did Mr. L. D. Pentecost, who was one of her pupils. He also sang an Irish song that he sang in the school at a "speaking day" program, in the long, long ago. George Belch, who lives north of Pierceton, gave a little talk in which he said that there were only three persons including himself, at the reunion, who were in school when he was. The people present from the greatest distance were Clifford Belch and wife of New Albany, but there were others present from points all over the state. A grand dinner was served at the noon hour, and brought forth more food than the assembled guests could eat.

At the business session, L. D. Pentecost, of Elwood, was chosen president and Mrs. Kitty Fawley, of Pierceton, secretary treasurer. It was also voted to meet again next year at the same place and the date was set for July 12th, 1925. Committees on program and arrangements were also appointed.

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