Monday, October 15, 2007

Goblins Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out

The Evening Post, Columbia City, Indiana ~ Friday, October 10, 1919

The fair is over, but the carnival spirit still lingers, therefore, arrangements are under way for a Community Halloween Celebration. Several years ago this occasion was hilariously observed and everyone had a riotous time, and at that time it was the intention of the committee to make it an annual affair. But due to the war and the influenza epidemic, it was indefinitely postponed. However, recent messages have been received from the land of the "hob-goblins" saying that they positively refuse to be neither seen nor heard any longer and that they are coming by legions on All Saints Night, Friday, October 31st, to make merry. Therefore a committee to receive this band of goblins, elvies, spirits, and fairies is already getting busy with preparations.

A Court of Reward with King Halloween in all his pomp and glory will be there to receive every masquerader in Whitley county who comes to compete for the king's favor, thereby receiving a cash prize. Twenty-five dollars has been set aside to recompense those who enter the lists and compete for the prizes. Three unbiased judges will counsel with the king, so fairness will rule in this court.

Make your plans now. Throw off the shackles of convention; help make this the biggest, gayest and most gladsome festival of the year. Come! Young folks, old folks, everybody come! Join the line of march lead by the band.

Aside from the grand parade there will be amusements for all - side shows and the Gypsie palmist, fancy dancers and Halloween refreshments, and other attractions which no one can afford to miss. Oh, it's going to be a great night, rain or shine! Remember, masqueraders only may enjoy the privileges which the evening may offer! Get out your grandmother's bonnet, or your fool's cap, or paint on a smile and a mustache, or wear your Charlie Chaplin shoes or your Mary Pickford curls - be what you ain't and fool your pa and ma.

"Backward, look backward.
Oh time in thy flight.
Make me a child again,

Just for to-night."

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