Thursday, October 25, 2007

List of Letters (1859)

Columbia City News ~ Thursday April 7, 1859

List of Letters. The following is a list of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Columbia City Whitley County Indiana, on the first day of April, 1859.

  • Apple, David
  • Briggs, Sewell
  • Bennett, James
  • Baber, John, Foreign
  • Civets, Sepher
  • Clinck, M. C.
  • Carden, W. J.
  • Chingholews, Jackson
  • Clark Cotton & Co.
  • Davis, John
  • Fairfield, R. R.
  • Fields, John
  • Groves, Margret Mrs.
  • Garver, D. M.
  • Hornung, Christiane
  • Hornung, George, 2
  • Hoffman, Daniel
  • Smith, Jacob F.
  • Seers, James
  • Spitter, Jacob
  • Stearns, J. G.
  • Jones, Henry, 2
  • Kingseed, Peter
  • Kouty, Alphrod
  • Koplin, Wm.
  • Melenbarg, Susan Miss
  • Master, Jonathan O &.
  • Talmage Smith
  • Musselmans, Isaac
  • Newcomer, John
  • Overdier, John
  • Oinger, David
  • Onxber, James
  • Puke, Isaac, care Mr. L. Jones
  • Paul, D. W.
  • Richard, George
  • Reacker, John
  • Shook, Landy
  • Taylor, Lib. M.
  • Vansickle, Amos
  • Welty, John W.
  • Williams, Raymond

N.B. Please call for advertised Letters as above and oblige yours truly, Samuel Miner. P.M.
Dated April 1st, 1859


  1. Becky, I love your blog! It's nice to find someone else who posts county specific information. Is your site linked from the IN GenWeb site for your county? If not, it definitely should be! I have a couple of blogs related specifically to newspapers from a few counties and think this is a great way of sharing information. I've added you to my blogroll.

  2. Thank you Taneya. I checked out a couple of your blogs; quite an impressive list, and lots of work too. I'm curious as to why you've switched to Wordpress. I hadn't thought about getting a link from the IN GenWeb site. I haven't given the blog much publicity but now that there are 100+ posts, maybe it's time! Thanks for the tip and thanks for adding this blog to your blogroll.


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