Friday, June 29, 2007

Think Culver is a Great Place. July 7, 1917

Columbia City Post ~ Saturday, July 7, 1917

Think Culver is a Great Place.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller and Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Brenneman went to Culver on the 4th and visited the celebrated Military Academy, and were delighted with what they saw and were very favorably impressed with the degree of perfection that has been attained there in the way of a public institution. They visited the dining room and kitchen and were specially impressed with the cleanliness of the surroundings and the expedience of the arrangements.

There are 100 students in the institution at the present time, all kids, and the training they receive there is calculated to be of value to them throughout their lives. The aquatic part of the day's program was witnessed [by] the Columbia City visitors and greatly enjoyed.

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Note: Culver Military Academy is a Prep School located in Marshall County, Indiana. The Academy opened in 1894. They have an excellent postcard and photograph collection online.

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