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Local News - July 7, 1917

Columbia City Post ~ Saturday July 7, 1917
  • The local physicians were slighted Wednesday and they have a right to feel a little huffy about the matter. The doctor is usually a leading figure on the Fourth and he generally has from two to three legs to sew up; several hands to bandage and other injuries to dress, but Wednesday proved to be so sane in this city and surrounding country that no one was hurt. It is safe to say that the doctor as well as every one is pleased to learn that accidents were few and far between. It is believed that when the entire list is summed up, Wednesday will prove to have been one of the sanest Fourths ever celebrated in this country.
  • Jos. R. Harrison and daughter, Hazel, George Harrison, wife and daughter, Mary, John Mowrey and wife, Frank Aker and wife and Mrs. George Aker formed a motor party that spent Wednesday at Culver. They had a most enjoyable time, spending the day in watching the boys drill and in seeing all the sights.
  • J. B. Connett has purchased a four cylinder Buick touring car of the Brand & Outcelt agency.
  • August Kelly has moved his family from the Emma Ricker home on North Line street to the flats over his tailor shop in the Grisier building.
  • Lee Pence and family, of Detroit, Mich., arrived here Monday evening, to spend a week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Pence, of the south side. Miss Lena Pence, a sister to Lee, who spent two weeks on a visit in Detroit returned with them.John Emrick and a force of six carpenters are completing the Emerick cottage on the north shore of Shriner Lake at Tri Lake. the cottage is to be completely modern and will be among the best at the lake when finished.
  • Earl Oberkiser of Fort Wayne, was in Columbia City, the Fourth.
  • T. O. Miller and family and Austin Overdeer and wife spent the Fourth with friends at Chapman lake.
  • Mrs. Agnes Tinney, a sister of Mrs. James Colchin, returned to her home in Toledo, Tuesday evening, after having spent several days with the Colchin family.
  • Mrs. C. F. Regedenz, mother of Mrs. R. W. Roth has returned to her home in Fort Wayne, after an extended visit with her daughter's family. The doctor spent the Fourth at Cedar Lake.
  • Mrs. Elma Emerson has filed bond and qualified to act as Notary Public in Cleveland township. Mrs. Emerson will co-operate with the Woman's Franchise league in an effort to register all the ladies of South Whitley and Cleveland township for the election of Constitutional delegates.

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