Tuesday, June 19, 2007

City Improvements (1859)

Columbia City News ~ Thursday July 28, 1859

It is with great pleasure that we notice several new buildings being erected in our pleasant little city. Our old friend Alf. Bainbridge is erecting a fine dwelling house in the south west part of town, which, when finished will be an excellent building.

Moses Yerian, is putting up a fine business house in the west part of town, on North side of Van Buren Street, which begins to show off finely.

The First Presbyterian Church at this place, has just finished a nice little home for worship, in the North part of town. Henry Beeson, Jacob Slesman and "Father" Jay are finishing off their new buildings, besides other improvements going on in this city.

This is the right spirit gentlemen, pitch in, Columbia City can be something yet. Working bees always drive out the drones – a fact.

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