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Russell Eisaman Writes From New York (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, September 26, 1917

Russell Eisaman, who enlisted with Virgil Morgan and Dick Gruesbeck, writes his parents in a letter received by them Friday that he is now located in Watertown, N.Y., with the field artillery. Parts of the letter follow:

"Dear Folks: - -
"I don't know whether you can read this or not because I just got through having an awful game of basket ball. As you can see they have a Y. M. C. A. here but this one is in a tent.

"Believe me we had some trip to get here, and after we got here we were pleased. There are about three thousand mules and horses here. They have to be curried three times a day. We drilled eight hours today (Sept. 18). We won't stay here long as they are using the cannon in practice and when that comes they get ready to go to New Jersey and you know what that means. There are no buildings here, all tents and there lots of them. It is just like it was in Wisconsin with the exception of the soil. All is sand here. There is not a bit of good hard dirt.

"We only had to hike three miles from the station carrying all our clothes and equipment. Our regiment is fully equipped but the one beside us had to use our guns. It sounds queer to hear a cannon roar and then it seems like a minute before the shell explodes away off in the opposite direction. We are sixteen miles from the nearest town and not a building within three miles.

"We got a good tip this morning from one of our tent partners that those who got along alright will leave soon so you may know I don't intend to stay long. We got another 'shot in the arm' just after dinner and then went out and drilled all afternoon. I feel fine and am glad we get only two more of them.

"They have all kinds of sports here: Basket ball, base ball, punching bag and about everything you can think of. Dick and I got in the same tent. Glen Johnson and Ralph Weston are both in our battery.

"This camp is called Pine camp but you don't need to put that on the address. It sure is a beautiful place. There is one general here from Canada who has been in Europe for some time. You don't have any idea how many different camps and soldiers we have seen. Don’t' forget to have everyone write even though I don't get to answer at once. My address is:
Russell E. Eisaman
Battery B. 4th F. A.
Military Branch
Watertown, N.Y.

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