Sunday, March 2, 2008

Movements of Other C. C. Boys in Regular Army (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Saturday, September 22, 1917

Four boys from Columbia City were transferred last week from Ft. Thomas, Ky., to the Mountain Artillery which is to be trained and conditioned high in the Adirondack mountains in New York state, and are located there. They are Russell Eisaman, Dick Gruesbeck, Glen Johnson and Ralph Weston.

Virgil Morgan and Ernest Erne have not yet been assigned to any particular branch of the service but they were transferred from Ft. Thomas to Ft. Meyer, Va., only six miles from Washington, D. C. they left Ft. Thomas Saturday noon and arrived at Ft. Meyer the next day just before noon. Clyde Overdeer is there and he has been in training at that place for the past two months. Frank Metzker, of South Whitley, has not yet been transferred from Ft. Thomas, and he is the only Whitley county man still there.

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