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School No. 6 Thorncreek Township April 25, 1900

Columbia City Weekly Commercial – Wednesday April 25, 1900

School No. 6, Thorncreek township closed last Friday. The day was fittingly celebrated by the usual big dinner and a literary program in the afternoon. One hundred and fifty patrons and friends were in attendance, thus showing their interest in the work and appreciation for the teacher. A very tempting dinner was served at the noon hour to which all did ample justice. The recitations and songs given by the pupils showed careful training and many called forth considerable applause.

The following program was given:

  • Music - Anspaugh brothers.
  • Welcome Address - Ruth Ramsey.
  • Song - Ressie Cleland, Ruth Ramsey, Orpha Ramsey.
  • Song - America.
  • A Warning - Ressie Hively.
  • The Dying Child - Ethel Humbarger.
  • The Biggest Piece of Pie - Clarance Windle.
  • Music.
  • How He Teased Ned - Jesse Demoney, Earl Chapman.
  • Sister and I - Anna Kessie.
  • Song of the Winds - Ten little girls.
  • Railroad Crossing - Jesse Demoney.
  • Choice of Occupations - Bessie King, Ruth Ramsey, Lena Kessie, Ella King, Orpha Ramsey.
  • Song - Here’s where scholars do their best.
  • Who’d be a Boy Again - Forest Born.
  • The Arithmetic Lesson - Letha Born.
  • What I can do - Grover Chapman.
  • Johnie’s Opinion of Grandmothers—Yost Braddock.
  • Song - Ruth and Orpha Ramsey.
  • Dialogue - Reading A Letter - Forest Born, Ben Hively, Cecil Gradless, Firmer Born, Jesse Demoney.
  • How Mickey Got Kilt in the War - Bennie Hively.
  • If I Were You - Lena Kessie.
  • My Dolly Not One Year Old - Chloe Hill.
  • Song.
  • Up In A Tree - Walter Hively.
  • The Scarecrow - Chester Hively.
  • Story of an Apple - Albert Braddock.
  • Music.
  • The Drummer Boy - Orpha Ramsey.
  • Music.
  • Mice At Play - Ernest Born, Ressie Cleland, Earl Chapman, Albert Braddock.
  • Curious Medley - Roscoe Staples.
  • An Old Man’s Story - Nellie Braddock.
  • Song - The Meadows.
  • The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat - Bruce Staples.
  • Flag Exercise - Ella King, Velma Born, Otto Hively, Oscar Hill, Walter Hively.
  • Two Little Orphans - Orpha and Ruth Ramsey.
  • Six Years Old - Grover Ramsey.
  • The Bent Pin - Heber Humbarger.
  • When from School We go - Florence Windle.
  • Music.
  • Dialogue - Marshall Born, Bruce Staples.
  • Song - Vacation.

Closing Address - Cecil Gradless.At the close of the program Miss Ethel Humbarger stepped forward with a handsome photograph album and in behalf of her classmates presented the same to her teacher. Miss Ergenbright has taught a very successful school and both the patrons and pupils showed their appreciation for her earnest effort by extending her an invitation to teach School No. 6 again next year.

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