Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Local News April 14, 1859

Columbia City News - Thursday April 14, 1859

One Hundred Years Old.
Mr. Joseph Shoemaker, a resident of our town has arrived at the good old age of 100 years. He was born in the State of New York on the 4th day of March 1759. He is quite active, chops wood and splits rails – has cut several cords of wood the past winter – can and does make shoes; yet he never wore spectacles, reads quite fine print easily; has but few gray hairs on his head; in short he is a most remarkable man of this age. He voted for George Washington for President. His son Asa Shoemaker died in this county some years ago, our townsman, Joseph F. Shoemaker (commonly called “Uncle Freeman”) is a son of the subject of this notice.

We learn by Express that Ex-Sheriff William H. Dunfee was a candidate for Supervisor in his district, and was badly defeated by Henry Brown. Dunfee received 2 votes, one by somebody, and one by somebody else; a great man has fallen! Of course he ran on his own ticket.

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