Monday, February 19, 2007

Local News February 22, 1905

Columbia City Post - Wednesday February 22, 1905
  • The residence of Ex-Sherrif Gallagher on south Main street, is quarantined. Mary, the little four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher has a mild case of scarletina.
  • Frederick Switzer, of Union township, left Tuesday for St. Francis, Arkansas, expecting to locate there. The town is a new one and is just over the Missouri boundry line.
  • Gilbert Humbarger, of Thorncreek township, owner of a fine pair of Belgian draft horses, has a large gray mare that is with foal which he offers for sale. She is nine years old and in good condition.
  • Undertaker Briggs left Saturday forenoon for Logansport where he was called to care for the body of Miss Alice Harley who died at Long Cliff Friday night. The deceased was a sister of Alonzo Harley of this city and Wm. Harley, formerly of the Columbia City National Bank. She was an inmate of the institution in which she died for a number of years.

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