Thursday, February 7, 2008

Young Men From Far Away Are Registered (1917)

The Evening Post ~ Tuesday, September 18, 1917

Several young men from this county, who are living in foreign lands, sent in their registration cards for the selective draft and two from Korea were not received until Tuesday morning. They were from Melvin R. Arick, of Cleveland township, who is working for the Oriental Consolidated Mining Company, of Korea. He does not claim exemption. His registration card shows that he has the index finger of his right hand cut off at the first joint.

The other card from Korea is from Fred S. Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Baker, north of town, who is foreman in a gold stamp mill of the Oriental Consolidated Gold Mining Company, of Unsan, Chosen, Empire of Japan, according to the registration certificate. Mr. Baker does not claim exemption.

There are two registration cards from Canada. One is from Homer Price Johnston, who left for Canada about the time the war broke out. He had his papers certified to by the proper authorities there. He has already been assigned a number, being given number 1243. The others, whose registration cards have just been received, will be given numbers and then the names will be drawn in some manner or other to be announced later.

Another young man from this city who is in Canada is Albert R. Walter, who is in Ontario, working in the munitions plant owned by the Canadian Bridge Company. He, like the others, did not claim exemption.

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