Friday, February 1, 2008

The Sibert Boys Are Patriotic (1917)

Columbia City Post ~ Wednesday, September 12, 1917

William Sibert, the village blacksmith of Collamer, and his wife are feeling rather lonesome at the present time, but they find some consolation in the fact that their sons are filled with the patriotic spirit. When the government first called for volunteers Edward and Floyd Sibert answered the call and have been in the service for more than six months past.

Sunday, the third son, Gerald, who is but sixteen years of age, decided to also enlist. He is large and well built and would pass for an 18 year old at any time, and when Alex Goff, 19, son of Heber Goff, and Ray Ulery, 20, whose father is dead, decided they wanted to get into the army, Gerald Sibert felt the impulse so strong that he decided to join them. So Sunday afternoon, the trio were taken from Collamer to South Whitley by Walter Galbreath and there they boarded the Nickle Plate train for Fort Wayne. They went before the recruiting officers there and successfully passed the examination. They were not assigned but were told that they would be assigned in the morning.

All three of the boys are plucky and have many friends in Collamer and vicinity whose good wishes accompany them.

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