Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Passed First Red Cross Examination (1917)

The Evening Post ~ Wednesday, September 19, 1917

An even dozen young ladies residing in this city successfully passed the first examination for those who are studying Red Cross work. The examination was recently conducted by Dr. D. S. Linvill and part of the quiz was oral and part of it was written. Some of the grades made were indeed very flattering. The test covered first aid dressing, determining the character of the trouble affecting the injured or ill person, and the proper relief to administer first aid.

The following named ladies passed the examination:
  • Mrs. George Brand
  • Mrs. Roy Clark
  • Miss Elva Riddle
  • Mrs. D. S. Linvill
  • Miss Bonita Leininger
  • Miss Lutha Williams
  • Mrs. Lela G. Foust
  • Miss Almeda Rockey
  • Miss Hildreth Sharp
  • Miss Emma Ricker
  • Miss Mary Scantling
  • Mrs. Mary E. Fries
Dr. F. G. Grisler is the instructor of the class and the students have been following a regular course of study. Several of the young ladies are planning to become Red Cross nurses and are pursuing their studies with the idea in view. They are given a certificate of proficiency for passing the examination given them by Dr. Linvill.

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