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More Local News ~ January 15, 1890

Columbia City Commercial ~ Wednesday January 15, 1890

Friday's Daily.
  • A little son of Mr. Zach Garrison, who resides in Mitten's addition, has the scarlet fever.
  • Mrs. Wm. Graves was called to Pierceton a day or two ago by the sickness of an aunt.
  • Marshal Supple arrested Chas. Leone last night. A telegram was sent by one Hollis from Ft. Wayne, stating Leone purloined an overcoat.
  • Clinton Baker, a young man living at John McLain's north of this city, has a typical case of la grippe.
  • Mr. Fred Walter, of Mansfield, Ohio, and senior member of the Eagle brewery firm in this city, is here on a visit.
  • The building of the new railroad would give employment to a great many men and distribute thousands of dollars through the county.
  • Miss Sadie Stenson, who was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kirkland, returned to her home in Warsaw yesterday on the accommodation train.
  • Loren Hively, who had his right foot wrenched in the belting on a carding machine at the Eel River Woolen Mills, last Monday, will be able to resume his work next week.
  • A brother of Rev. W. W. Smith, who lives in Florida, has sent his brother a box of oranges, which he has kindly permitted us to sample. They are very finely flavored.
  • The physicians of this city stated that the amount of sickness, at the present time far exceeds that of any previous season. They are constantly passing from one patient to another.
  • Dr. Kithcart informs us that Tom Peabody, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Peabody, is the first in the city to have la grippe. It is a genuine case. We hope to hear of no bad results.
  • Miss Mable West, who is employed as teacher in the Marion schools, and who came here on a visit two weeks ago, is lying quite sick with tonsillitis and malaria at the home of Mrs. Thiels.
  • Auburn Courier: The Post reports building done in Columbia City last year to the amount of $220,000. Columbia is taking on a solid and healthy growth, as any one familiar with the town for the past twenty years can see.
  • Mrs. Henry McLallen was called to Cincinnati to-day by news of the dangerous illness of her sister, Mrs. Anderson.
  • Isaac Brower, of Denver, Ind., accompanied by his cousin, John Swihart, of near South Whitley, made us a call to-day.
  • The Daily Commercial is happy to state that Ralph Souders, who was accidentally shot near Larwill, is improving rapidly at his home in the above named place.
  • Mrs. Harry Shire showed us a scrap book which was presented to her on Christmas by her husband. It is the largest scrap book we have ever seen and contains 824 pictures which she has pasted upon its pages in a very artistic manner. It took her about a week to do this which was done in a manner that reflects credit upon her taste.
Saturday's Daily.
  • The little boy of Wash. Galvin came near choking to death yesterday by a penny lodging in its throat. By an effort it passed to the stomach.
  • I. M. Meiser, who has been route agent on a road running into Pueblo, Colorado, will probably not take up the position again. His is a night run, and the work endangers his eyesight. He was recently compelled to lay off by reason of his eyes becoming weak.
  • About ten little boys got into a quarrel on A. Washburn's corner last night. They ranged in age from 6 to 11 years. They filled up the sidewalk and issued oaths by the yard. The chief attraction to the crowd was a little girl, the sister of one of the boys. She was pleading with the "fighters" not to "mob" her brother, not to hang him to the electric light pole. It was quite amusing.
  • Mrs. Morrison and daughter, Hannah, visited in Ft. Wayne to-day.
  • Goshen News. Mrs. Nellie Reider and children, of Columbia City, are the guests of Dr. Lambert's family.
  • Gerard Marsellous and Becca Cook, Samuel Russell and Elizabeth Ray have been granted licenses to wed.
  • A. J. Nickey, of Churubusco, has formed a partnership with J. W. Hayden in the real estate business at Ft. Wayne.
  • There is one thing to be thankful for which was brought on by the wet weather, and that is, wells are replenished with water, streams and ponds have been filled in stock raising communities.
  • Jan. 11th - warm, almost sultry, air little damp, rain in the morning, astonishing weather and everybody making remarks about it, plenty mud, no business, farmers walking to town - those living near the railroads.
  • A "syndicate" composed of Clerk Kaler, Jas. Kaler, Isaac Brenneman and son Earle, Benj. Brenneman and son Lawrence, have purchased lots in Clarkdale, a suburban plat to Chicago, eight miles from the court house.

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