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Local News ~ January 15, 1890

Columbia City Commercial ~ Wednesday January 15, 1890.

Wednesday's Daily.
  • The postoffice room in the new court house is too small.
  • Lon Harley is again at work in C. V. Inks' marble shop.
  • A. J. Hoover, of the Post, was in Chicago the forepart of the week.
  • Thomas R. Marshall is in attendance upon the circuit court at Albion.
  • Blue River is full - not of ice, but of water. January 8, don't you know.
  • There are tramps who recently have made this city a stopping place at nights.
  • S. J. Hallauer has disposed of his dry goods stock. He will probably make a trip to Seattle, Washington.
  • The coming new printing office is fast assuming shape. The initial number of the Times is an absorbing topic.
  • Clerk Kaler has been indisposed the past week. He contracted a severe cold while on the trip to Albion with the Commissioners.
  • Col. I. B. McDonald and his accomplished lady made us a brief call on Tuesday. They were on their way to Ligonier. - Kendallville Standard.
  • As a winter for variety this beats them all. Changeable weather, rain and snow, warm weather. Good weather for the "grip," colds, coughs, and pneumonia.
  • Dr. Kadeson, father of Mrs. S. Stein, accompanied by Dr. Batz, both of Chicago, arrived in this city last evening on a short visit to Dr. Kadeson's children.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stein are the happiest people in Columbia City to-day. They are the proud parents of a sweet girl baby who made her appearance this morning.
  • We understand that John and Ol Diffendarfer, the latter from Huntington, have purchased the interest in the egg and poultry business owned by the Beyer Bros., in this city.
  • Dennis Harrington is lying quite sick at his home on the South Side. Mr. Harrington is growing quite feeble. He is an old soldier and served the Union faithfully.
  • About the finest lot of cattle ever shipped from Columbia City, was the lot purchased of F. H. Foust and shipped to Buffalo the first of the week. The lot comprised 50 head, whose average weight was something over seventeen hundred pounds.
  • Rev. R. Tobey, who has been in the city two or three days in the interest of the Western Seaman's Friend Society, a non-sectarian organization requests us to express his thanks through the columns of the Commercial for the liberality with which our citizens have responded to his request for aid.
  • The Commissioners accompanied by Clerk Kaler and Deputy Auditor Ball visited Albion last week where they conducted an inspection of the furniture of Noble county's court house. Ex-Commissioner Kimmel took the visitors through the building and aided them in many ways to arrive at what we want placed in our court house. The Commissioners and officials are unsparing in the praise of the interior finish of Noble's building. Bids for furniture will be let the 10th of February.

Thursday's Daily.

  • Eugene Carver is improving.
  • Treasurer Chamberlin is in poor health.
  • S. W. Brady is quite sick at his home in Warsaw.
  • The delinquent tax list is in the hands of the printer.
  • The Albion papers report Grahm Earle in tight corners.
  • Miss Dora Wolfersparger is in Chicago visiting her brother, Ross.
  • The well in the court house boiler room has reached a depth of 60 feet.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Al. Crawford were presented with a fine girl baby yesterday.
  • We understand that the two oldest children of Mrs. O. P. Stewart have typhoid fever.
  • Frank Miner, of this office has gone the way of the rest of the crew, and is laid up for repairs.
  • The Commercial has a few pieces of material taken from the walls and floors of Libby Prison.
  • The new dining car on the Wabash is one of the most handsome cars on the Wabash system.
  • The Odd Fellows who attended the lodge at Larwill last night report having had a grand time.
  • Engineer Judson's engine, No. 335, just out of the Butler shops, passed west over the Wabash to-day. It is a fine locomotive.
  • It is Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Green who are happy now, all on account of the new girl baby which has made its appearance at their home.
  • John Oberkeiser is in charge of the court house boiler room. No person has yet been selected to permanently take charge of the heating department.
  • The following named Oddfellows from this city attended the installation of officers in Larwill Lodge, No. 238, I. O. O. F., Wednesday evening: F. P. Allwein, J. D. Wurtsbaugh, C. D. Waidlich, Dan Myers, Harry Clapham, J. M. Maine, Brock Lamb, Robert Hood, Frank Hood, Frank Ream, Lew Baker, Ira Grant, Wm. Meitzler, H. F. Keeney, J. F. Johnson, J. F. McNear, A. D. Green, Geo. Hollinger, Chas. Hollis, Jacob Ramp, Geo. Wallace, Otis Long and others whose names we failed to secure. A grand time was had. Supper was served. The following named officers were installed: W. S. Smith, N. G.; Alex Smith, V. G.; Joseph Essig, R. S.; G. E. Young, P. S.; B. F. Osborne, Treasurer.

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