Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tombstone Tuesday :: Cleveland Family

JESSE CLEVELAND ESQ. / Son of / Dea. Palmer / Cleveland, / died / Dec. 11, 1838, / in the 35, y'r. / of his age.

Jesse was, reportedly, the first person to be buried in the Cleveland Cemetery, which is located southeast of South Whitley, Cleveland Township, Whitley County, Indiana. Arriving in 1834, Jesse joined his parents Palmer and Anna Cleveland, and his brother Benjamin and their families who were among the first white settlers to come to what would later be known as Cleveland Township.

I don't know if this is the oldest grave marker in existence here in Whitley County, but it is one of the oldest (and in the best condition) of the old ones that I have come across.

Buried next to Jesse are his parents.
  • DEA. PALMER CLEVELAND / died / July 19, 1842, / in the 75, y'r. / of his age.
  • ANNA CLEVELAND. / WIFE OF / PALMER CLEVELAND, / DIED / Oct. 1, 1847 / AGED / 70 YEARS. (A portion of Anna's transcription is from a reading done by someone in 1982, when the stone was lying flat on the ground.)
Photos taken January 26, 2002 by Rebeckah R. Wiseman.

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