Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Road Trouble in Smith Township Settled (1905)

Columbia City Commercial Mail ~ Friday, September 1, 1905

A few days ago trouble was brewing heavy north of Collins and for a time it was thought F. P. Loudy, trustee of Smith township might be sued and compelled to open up and build up a new road that has been granted between sections 28 and 29 and on which some work had been done. The matter has however been settled satisfactorily to all concerned.

Albert Jaggers and others are raising onions north of Collins by having this road made passable it gives them a much shorter and better route to haul their crop to Collins for marketing and they desired to have it opened in some manner. The matter was settled by the trustee agreeing to do a certain amount of work if the gentlemen in question would agree to furnish some of the material and do a certain amount of labor.

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