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Junior-Senior Reception Larwill High School 1917

Columbia City Post - May 5, 1917

The Junior-Senior reception of the Larwill high school was held at the home of Jacob Sappington, Tuesday evening, May the 1st, with grand success. The house was decorated with the Senior class colors which were green and white and the Junior class colors which were purple and gold. It put in a very beautiful appearance. Different games were played and at a late hour refreshments were served which consisted of sandwiches, pickles, fruit-salad, and cookies. After refreshments were served we had some music on the organ by Miss Bernice Roberts.

Those present were: Paul Smith, Bernice Roberts, Claude Anspaugh, Hazel James, Viola Hartman, Julia Dowell, Orphia Long, Irene Butler, Leo Cunningham, Ruth Barney, Dale Van Voorst, Ruth Pritchard, Clyde Long, Talmage Leedy, Ellis Dowell, Leo Lansdown, Hiram Hazen, Dewey Souders, Emmett Zumbrum, Florence Picon, Ruth Sappington, Carl McGraw, Jacob Sappington, Constance Lancaster, Elsie Marchand, Chloe Cunningham, Esther Smith, Mrs. Jane Evard, of Monroeville, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. James Sappington, Paul Prugh, Kenneth Beard, Carl Pritchard and Jake George Marrs. We had the honor of having with us Forrest Deeter our esteemed treasurer. On account of sickness it was impossible for Paul Rager, a jolly Junior, to be present.


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