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Departure of the Whitley Volunteers - May 28, 1861

Columbia City News ~ Friday May 28, 1861

Departure of the Whitley Volunteers. - - On Tuesday evening last, Captain Stough's command took its departure from this place for headquarters, in pursuance of orders received from Adjutant-General J. M. Wallace, the day previous to starting. At about 10 ½ o'clock, the order was given to march for the depot; the utmost enthusiasm prevailed, both soldiers and citizens being in good spirits. Messrs. Myers and Douglas entertained the soldiers and people in appropriate speeches until the cars arrived. It was a sad spectacle to witness the parting of husband and wife, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers with their sons, the lover with his sweetheart, and friends with their neighbors. Below we give a Roll List of Whitley County Volunteers, Company No. 1.

  • Captain, George W. Stough
  • 1st Lieut., James E. Seargent
  • 2d Lieut and Ensign, Isaiah B. McDonald
  • 1st Sergeant, Nimrod Smith
  • 2nd Sergeant, James K. Ward
  • 3rd Sergeant, Cyrus J. Ward
  • 4th Sergeant, John T. Drury
  • 1st Corporal, Edward B. Beeson
  • 2nd Corporal, David Garver
  • 3rd Corporal, Ed. A. Mossman
  • 4th Corporal, David R. Hemmick
  • Drummer, Nicholas Beesack, Jr.


  • Wm. F. Johnson
  • Robert S. Pumphrey
  • Philo H. Ginger
  • Wm. M. Barnhill
  • Frederick G. Ford
  • D. N. Brown
  • David Stough
  • Nicholas Bear
  • M. V. Hammond
  • Samuel Parker
  • Joseph Beesack
  • Anderson Speer
  • Dennis M. Shoemaker
  • H. B. Smith
  • Alexander Showalter
  • William Brubaker
  • John Bennet
  • Milton Whiteman
  • George T. Roley
  • W. L. Birney
  • Jacob Dinsmore
  • George W. Elder
  • Joseph Fries
  • T. W. Piper
  • Joseph W. Hiler
  • Henry Banta
  • Charles L. Wildor
  • Isaac Leamon
  • Samuel K. Snyder
  • John Raypole
  • Joseph A. Poff
  • John H. Slagle
  • Isaac W. Shinneman
  • John Wireman
  • A. B. Dudley
  • Joseph Effert
  • Henry Moore
  • J. H. Nelson
  • Wm. B. Sumney
  • Welcome Rice
  • Henry Snavely
  • James M. Hartman
  • Henry C. Pressler
  • William Grimes
  • John J. Weiler
  • T. J. Gardner
  • William Forrest
  • Walter S. Collins
  • Samuel English
  • Anthony Seymour, Jr.
  • J. J. Conrad
  • J. W. Wilson
  • Sidney Tuttle
  • Francis L. Rhodes
  • John E. Sherod
  • N. H. King
  • Francis M. Slagle
  • Frederick Smidt
  • Oliver Droud
  • Jesse Kyler
  • W. F. Johnson
  • M. C. Plummer
  • John Ward
  • S. O. Shoup
  • Lewis Hartman
  • G. W. Hartsch
  • Jesse Rowles
  • W. H. West
  • Lewis R. Whiteman
  • Thos R. Hawkins
  • J. M. Moore
  • Theo. A. Smith
  • J. W. Lawhorn
  • J. W. Adair
  • Henry Haines

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