Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Township Graduates - May 10, 1888

Columbia City Commercial - Thursday May 10, 1888

The grades on one-hundred and thirty-one manuscripts, handed in at the township examinations, show a total of thirty-one worthy of graduation. They are classified by townships as follows:
  • Cleveland – Cora Cocklin.
  • Richland – Letta Adams, Mary E. Clugston, Florence Essig, Theodore Essig, Nora Gutscher, William F. Helfrik, Effie Kirkpatrick, Effie Long, Allice Prugh, Frank Radcliff, Carl Souder and Fred E. Webster.
  • Columbia – Thomas Galvin and Ida Shoemaker.
  • Thorncreek – Ida Magley and Nellie Hart.
  • Jefferson – Herbert Ihrig, Horrace Kaufman and Orphia Dine.
  • Union – Harvey Harshbarger, Lola Garrison, Jennie Myers, Sarah Boyd and J. A. More.
  • Smith – Cozy Tulley and Lillie Waugh.
  • Churubusco – Minnie Brown, Anna Knopp, Charles Kipp and Ida Jackson.
These with the assistance of their teachers will be expected to arrange the time and place for holding exercises. Only those taking part in an exercise will be granted diplomas. Alex Knicely.

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