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Co E 17th Indiana Held Reunion

Columbia City Post - Tuesday September 18, 1912

Company E. 17th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, veterans of the Civil War, reunited at the pleasant home of Isaac Shinneman in the northwest part of the city Saturday, and the soldiers who had fought in 210 battles and skirmishes during their term of four years and four months enlistment, recalled many incidents of the battlefield and reviewed events and circumstances which made the occasion one of special interest to the few remaining of the 176 who enlisted April 21, 1861.

Last year, when Major J. J. Weiler, of Los Angeles, Cal., was present, there were 18 veterans in attendance, but during the year seven of that eighteen have passed to the world beyond. They were D. R. Hemmick, John Hess, William Brubaker, Joe Hiler, of North Dakota, E. A. Mossman, of Lafayette, Ind., Hiram Lantz and Fred Smith, of North Manchester. It is thought that there are but about twenty of the original company left now.

Those of the company who were present Saturday were David Garber, aged 79; Isaac Shinneman, aged 70; Reuben Humbarger, aged 74; Otis Hertsel, aged 66; Joseph Waugh, aged 69; Lewis Hartman, aged 70; and James L. Johnson, aged 72. Co. E belonged to the best armed and equipped brigade in the service and was noted for its ability to tear up a country. They had ten pieces of artillery and were in the famous battles of Shilo, Chickamauga and from the latter place marched to Atlanta, which was one of the greatest marches of the war.

One of the principal features of the day was a fine dinner served at the Shinneman home which the soldiers greatly relished. Other guests who enjoyed Mrs. Shinneman’s hospitality were: Mrs. I. B. McDonald, Mrs. Otis Hertsel, Mrs. Joe Waugh, Miss Elsie Humbarger, Mrs. Justice Sherwood, Mrs. William Allen, of Coesse, Mrs. John Hess and daughter, Miss Lulu, and Mrs. John Shinneman, Jr. Mrs. Shinneman was assisted by her daughters, Misses Maude, Kate and May, and the other ladies present assisted in making the event a memorable one.

Company E. will meet again next year, and it is the intention to hold these reunions as long as there are members left to attend them. This company was composed of some of the best men Whitley county ever produced and since the close of the war, many of them resumed peaceful occupations and gave their best efforts to the upbuilding of the communities in which they have resided.

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