Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Grand Jury After Jurors - May 1, 1909

The Evening Post, Columbia City, Indiana ~ Saturday May 1, 1909

Grand Jury After Jurors. Churubusco Merchants not satisfied with decision in John Petersohn Case.

The holding over of the grand jury from Friday, after they were supposed to adjourn, caused something of a sensation when it was learned that the decision of the petit jury, in the case of John Petersohn was decidedly unfavorable to the Churubusco merchants, and that a couple of them had urged their attorneys to make an investigation before the grand jury.

Sheriff Schumaker, Deputy Clerk Glassley and Stenographer N. M. Mullon were summoned to appear before the grand jury Saturday, and Leo Isay and Frank Egolf, of Churubusco, were also witnesses. The entire jury, composed of Charles Keiser, O. J. Crowell, Nelson Keller, H. B. Helfrich, Frank D. Cummins, Simon Hyre, John Maxwell, S. F. Weingardner, B. F. Hull, Frank Brahm, Sol Leckrone and Wm. B. Johnson, were also summoned and appeared before the grand jury, with Prosecutor W. D. Carver at the head of the investigation.

Just how Petersohn is supposed to have influenced the jury in their verdict for acquittal is something that no one has told. It is alleged that he whispered to a couple of them or made signals with his eyes, while sitting close to the jury box, behind his attorneys.

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